Contractor Policy

Here’s a few things you might find it useful to know about working for Resident Management Companies (RMCs):

Any money we spend has to be agreed in advance once a year at an annual meeting with the property owners.  This might mean that if you've quoted for work it might not take place until some months later.

We also have to report on spending at this meeting and answer questions about whether we used owners money wisely! So in order to keep our clients happy we need to show we got the best value possible. We never take any shortcuts on safety.

We need separate invoices for each development and a breakdown of work done in different buildings or for individual owners.

You are not expected to deal with residents on site (unless working on their property), it's best to refer all queries to us.

We recognise the long term value of good working relationships with quality contractors. Therefore we have a strict policy of:

  • Never disclosing contractors prices to their competitors.

  • Never accepting “commission” on jobs/invoices. Our only revenue is from the management fee paid by our client.

  • Requiring a completed contractor application and proof of insurance before your first job.

  • Paying invoices promptly, normally within a week.

  • Issuing job sheets with all the information you need to get started and to invoice us.

What we need from you is:

  • Contingencies in case of sickness or equipment breakdown.  

  • A positive attitude to health and safety.

  • Letting us know of problems or delays promptly, returning calls within a few days.

  • Completing work within one month of receiving the job sheet and invoicing within 1 month of completing the job.

  • Submitting invoices and other documents via this page

  • Good conduct on site (eg no smoking, littering, loitering)

  • Not disclosing details about us to competitors.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this policy. We are really grateful for the expertise and loyalty of trusted contractors who have helped us succeed to date – we hope you can share in the rewards of our future success.