Welcome to Ballymena Block Management Ltd

Property Management for housing developments that pay a service charge. Based in Ballymena, Northern Ireland.




We love collaborating with owners to make improvements and achieve the best value possible from their service charge.  This is achieved through innovative IT solutions and limiting the number of developments each agent manages.  We are able to act in our clients best interests at all times because our fee income is not linked to any of the contracts we manage on their behalf.

Our Core Services



    1. Collection of service charges
    2. Robust arrears procedures
    3. Quarterly budget reports and bank statements
    4. Bill payments
    5. Annual budget predictions
    6. Long term reserve fund planning
    7. Separate client bank accounts
    8. Complete transparency on fees and charges


    1. Reactive and proactive maintenance
    2. Vetting and approval of contractors
    3. Regular property inspections
    4. Planned Preventative Maintenance
    5. Ensuring communal spaces comply with current legalisation
    6. Dispute resolution and enforcement of leases
    7. RIsk assessments
    8. Fire safety


    1. 5 ways to report an issue: phone, text, web, email, in person
    2. Dedicated agent with in depth knowledge of your development
    3. Close liaison with management company directors
    4. Responding to enquiries and keeping everyone in the loop
    5. Online service charge account portal
    6. Online information portal
    7. Arranging and chairing AGMs & EGMs.

Company Secretarial

    1. AGM approval sought for all routine matters
    2. Close reference to terms of deeds and Articles of Association
    3. Provision of Registered Company Address
    4. Filing confirmation statements and accounts with Companies House
    5. Registering the appointment / removal of Directors with Companies House
    6. Handling sales enquiries and transfer of shares
    7. Administering buildings, engineering, directors & officers & public liability insurance
    8. Storage of company records
    9. Fair and reasonable terms of engagement, no lock in clauses

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