Response to Coronavirus outbreak

Updated 11 January 2021:

Office and staffing

Ecos cre remains closed to the public and staff are working from home.  We remain fully available via phone and email so please do not hesitate to contact us as you would normally.  You can now also report issues via using the “Report an Issue” button.

Routine maintenance and contracts

Regular lift maintenance contracts, communal cleaning, grounds maintenance & window cleaning will continue where possible as they do not involve access into individual apartments.

As more people will be at home it is even more important that we ensure cleaning and health and safety compliance issues in apartment blocks are kept under control and undertaken to a high standard.

Repairs and improvements

Delays in carrying out non urgent repairs or improvements remains a possibility due to contractors being disrupted by COVID related issues such as staff absence and childcare.

Repairs or improvements to communal hallways and outside communal areas will continue as normal with appropriate safety measures.  Work required within apartments will be assessed on a case by case basis and appropriate guidance provided if a contactor will be attending.  Occupiers will be asked to provide photos or a video of the reported issue to reduce the number of visits required.  A name and contact number of the occupier will be given to the contractor to enable them to contact the occupier in advance of visiting to make their own risk assessment.  No contractor will be obligated to carry out work they deem too risky.  

Shareholder and board meetings

Indoor face to face meetings remain suspended and all AGMs will be held in the normal timeframe by video conference which can also be joined by phone and does not require an internet connection or smart phone.  The meeting agenda is conducted as normal with minutes provided afterwards.

Urgent site meetings will take place outside with appropriate safety measures in place based on a case by case risk assessment.   

Updated 20 September 2020

Site visits, internal cleaning and non urgent maintenance are continuing with appropriate safety measures.  Catalyst Inc, Ecos remains closed to the public.

The following measures are still in place to reduce unnecessary contact during the outbreak:

  • communication by email and phone
  • meetings postponed or held electronically

Please continue to maintain social distancing from any contractors on site and continue to be vigilant to stop the spread.